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    • R-3 Third Quarter Recognitions

    • Earning third quarter recognition from the Brookfield R-3 Board of Education for Academic Excellence were: Fifth Grade (top-left): Madison Bradbury, Lexi Cain, Grace Hasty, Emily Kunkel, Ian McIntyre, Jarrett Morris, Shawnee Paris, Avery Schreiner, Bailey Seid, Kaylie Stuffflebean and Aspen Tucker. Sixth Grade (top-right): Ember Collins, Miles Derickson, Khaylee Dixon, Evan Fay, Logan Griffin, Madison Gullick, Madison Hueffmieier, Precious Starlin, Tanner Wallace, Jacob Wattenbarger, Jase White and Sydney Wilbeck. Seventh Grade (none attended the meeting): Alex Duncan and Hannah Matheney. Eighth Grade (bottom-left): Chase Baker, Celena Hollon, Lauren Rhodes and Abby Turner. High School (bottom-right): Austin Libeer, Katie McIntyre, Taylor Wallace, Lucas Burns, Sarah Collier, Ryan Elliott, Cole Hoover, Cassie Kirkpatrick, Stewart McCollum, Adam Palmer, Bailey Parks, Jenna Booth, Andrew Crutcher, Lucy Dickson, Nick Matheney, Jacob Morton, Lauren Roberts, Katie Turner, Brock Wright, Micah Blakely, Jeremiah Domon, Trent Hoover, Keith Lain, Brittanie Magnuson, Cassie McKenzie, Shannon Stewart, Katie Swift and Caitlin Troutman. 

      Posted Apr. 19, 2013

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