Congratulations to Truman State University who are now officially members of the Great Lakes conference.  Truman will begin play in that conference in the fall of 2013.  This is a major step for the athletics program at Truman and puts them into a much more competitive environment with the potential for several different geographic rivalries.  It also has the poetential to bring added revenue into the program which is something that is desperately needed given the difficult budget situation the state of Missouri finds itself in.  The potential is also there for increased revenue for the city of Kirksville as well as the schools Truman will be playing are close enough to allow fans from those schools to follow their teams when they travel up here to play Truman.  This move is a winner for all parties involved and director of athletics Jerry Wollmering and the Truman administration should be applauded for their decision to pursue membership in the new conference.  The MIAA has chosen to go in a direction which is not in Truman’s best interest and as far as I’m concerned Truman did the only thing they can do in order to put themselves in the best position they could to allow the programs to continue to grow and prosper.  There will be those who want to hang on to tradition who will not like the move but they need to take a look at the big picture because the way things used to be and the way they are now are two totally different things.  Truman isn’t leaving the MIAA so much as the MIAA has abandoned Truman.