Let’s begin the week with some Monday musings, shall we!


Why are some Cardinals fans saying they won’t watch the All Star Game because Tony La Russa is managing the National League?  I understand there were those who didn’t like his managerial style but his record kind of speaks for itself.  Were these same people complaining when the Cardinals came from the scrap heap to win the World Series last year?  Get over it, there is a reason he has one of the best managerial records in the history of baseball and you are watching the game at home. 


Speaking of the All Star game, looking at the rosters for the two leagues is really a fascinating look at how fans have become more intelligent voters over the years.  I can remember when most all star rosters were made up of either players that had ad a lot of name recognition or else had good years the year before.  Now, the rosters are more a reflection of who is having a good year this year as opposed to what they may have done in the past.  I think that’s great and I applaud the fans who put the time and effort into choosing the roster. 


One thing the All Star Game will do is showcase one of the best stadiums in baseball.  Most people never have an opportunity to see the stadium in Kansas City because the Royals are never on national TV and are just barely on TV period. 


Golf is a fickle game among other words that can be used to describe it.  How can Tiger Woods go from winning a tournament one week to not making the cut the following week? 


Congratulations to Serena Williams for winning the women’t title at Wimbledon.  Beside Venus and Serena, are there any other American women professional tennis players?  Gosh, I remember a whole slew of them back when I was a kid, what happened? 


Speaking of Wimbledon, doesn’t Roger Federer have enough men’s titles?  This should have been Andy Murray’s day, he did everything but win and had a whole country behind him.  Actually, he had two countries behind him since he is actually from Scotland. 


Wimbledon is supposed to be on NBC, at least the finals are anyway.  Why must ESPN have everything?  These people can over hype anything. 


NASCAR driver A.J. Allmendinger was suspended by NASCAR for failing a drug test.  Apparently a banned performance enhancing substance was found in his system during a routine drug test.  He drives a car, what type of performance enhancing substance could he have possibly taken.  That’s why I have never heard of him before, he apparently has been taking the substance instead of feeding it to his car which is actually the one doing all the work.  He is just sitting there and unless he’s taking something that keeps his butt from getting so tired I have no idea what he could have possibly taken that would have mattered. 


Tony Stewart came all the way from 42nd place to win Saturday’s race and apparently did so without the aid of any performance enhancing substances.  No work yet on whether Coke Zery which sponsored the race is a performance enhancing substance. 


We’ll be back on Wednesday with another blog which will hopefully not be nearly as disjointed as this one was but probably will be.  Please continue to check out Rachel’s excellent blog and thanks as always for supporting this one.

Happy Monday, if there is such a thing.