2012-2013 Chamber Invitation


       We are inviting you to join or rejoin the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for the 2012-2013 year.  Our focus is always on improving the economy in Brookfield.  We assist by providing special events & entertainment that attract visitors to our community and with promotions designed to enhance shopping in our local businesses. 

         The introduction of Brookfield Bucks has uniquely generated over $85,000 in monies redeemed exclusively in our Community.  Our Chamber office distributes information to folks wanting motels, rental housing, banks, or office space...restaurants, lawyers, churches, florists, real estate agents, contractors, and funeral homes, just to name a few.  There are phone calls and walk-ins, people wanting city maps, directions, and relocation information...the Chamber is here to answer every inquiry with professionalism and enthusiasm.  5 years ago we started the Brookfield Farmers Market, which is a huge success for the vendors and shoppers.  We also updated and had 4000 new Brookfield/Linn County Maps printed.  Over 5 years ago we introduced the new Chamber Website which can link the world to YOUR business.  Another perk for being a Chamber Member!!!

        Everyone loves a parade and festival!  But they don't just happen without planning, money and hard work.  Our local charitable organizations use these events to assist in their fundraising.  Most of these events are hosted by the Chamber and we are continually striving to grow and be more versatile, while adding future events to our calendar.

        We are asking YOU to join the Chamber and remain a part of our business share in the positive growth that can be accomplished if we work together as a team.  Let's make our logo "Brookfield a Great Place to Land" the reality it can be!

         You are the lifeblood of Brookfield and without you Brookfield would not continue to thrive.  You are a valuable part of this Community and we hope that you will become an active member of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for the 2012-2013 year.


Our sincere thanks,



Paul W. Frey

Chamber Executive Director