Bigg Vinny of the Vinny VanZant and the Trailer Choir visits with the LCL in advance of his Redneck Games headlining concert in Marceline.

This weekend's Redneck Games, hosted by our friends at My Country 99.1 KDWD, will conclude with a concert by Vinny VanZant and the Trailer Choir at 6:30 p.m. Marceline native Anthony Billups will be the opening act at 5 p.m. For Bigg Vinny, his recent national exposure on The Biggest Loser made him half as big as before, but didn't spoil his desire to perform.
"I did well, and made it to the final four," said Bigg Vinny. "I thought I represented country music well, and lost 205 pounds."
For Vinny, the journey to his weight loss began at a party a couple of years ago. "Two Super Bowls ago, I went to the doctor," began Vinny. "I had a lot wrong with me, and he told me that I had two years to live."
This drove Vinny to The Biggest Loser where he changed his life forever. "I made my career as Bigg Vinny, the 400 pound breakdancer," said Vinny. "I was worried that people wouldn't like me. But this was my life. I fell in love, and had to change. I didn't want to get married and then die."
The changes have been good for Vinny, and have given him a new lease on life. "I knew this was a lifestyle change," said Vinny. "But the weight loss was just the beginning. You have to make the right choices every day to achieve your goals."
Bigg Vinny's partner in the Trailer Choir, Butter, has taken some time off to be with his family. But Vinny couldn't resist the call of the road, and has carried on with the act and new members of the band. "It's the same fun show as always," said Vinny. "I'm getting a chance to shine and be more than a dancer. I am showing people that I can sing and write songs."