News - Linn County Leader - Brookfield, MO delivers up-to-the-minute news and information on the latest top stories, weather, entertainment, politics and more. Wed, 28 Sep 2016 15:25:57 +0000 Do whites and men have too much power? Your answer says a lot about whether you back Clinton or Trump Wed, 28 Sep 2016 15:00:00 +0000 Scott Clement, Emily Guskin/Washington Post For first time in 126 years, a prominent Arizona paper refuses to endorse a Republican for president Wed, 28 Sep 2016 13:54:55 +0000 Chris Sanchez/Business Insider Chelsea Clinton responds to Trump's threat to bring up her father's mistress Wed, 28 Sep 2016 13:31:20 +0000 Rebecca Harrington/Business Insider Howard Dean defends his theory that Trump uses cocaine Tue, 27 Sep 2016 23:30:14 +0000 Natasha Bertrand/Business Insider Remember when #NeverTrump was a force to be reckoned with? Tue, 27 Sep 2016 20:35:43 +0000 Thom Fain/Briefing Who among us can handle Trump and Hillary? Here's a list of great moderators Tue, 27 Sep 2016 18:17:46 +0000 Thom Fain/Briefing Trump: I didn't sniffle at the debate Tue, 27 Sep 2016 16:14:01 +0000 Maxwell Tani/Business Insider Rosie O'Donnell responds to Trump, calls him an 'orange @#$&' Tue, 27 Sep 2016 15:15:00 +0000 Travis M. Andrews/Washington Post How did Lester Holt do during the presidential debate? The reviews are mostly positive Tue, 27 Sep 2016 14:18:43 +0000 Maxwell Tani/Business Insider CNN instant poll: Hillary Clinton won the debate in a landslide Tue, 27 Sep 2016 13:01:44 +0000 Oliver Darcy/Business Insider AP fact check: Who told the most fibs in the first debate? Tue, 27 Sep 2016 10:08:56 +0000 Associated Press Trump and Clinton spar in wild debate, leaving many questions unanswered Tue, 27 Sep 2016 03:59:17 +0000 Thom Fain/Briefing Clinton, Trump battle fiercely over taxes, race, terror in first debate Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:43:05 +0000 Associated Press Poll: Who won the first Clinton-Trump debate? Tue, 27 Sep 2016 02:04:13 +0000 Briefing Jill Stein tried to crash the presidential debate and was escorted out Tue, 27 Sep 2016 01:38:54 +0000 Chris Sanchez/Business Insider Hillary is misspelled on the official tickets for the Hofstra University presidential debate Tue, 27 Sep 2016 00:26:12 +0000 Oliver Darcy/Business Insider Black voters have trended Democrat since Truman, and that makes Trump a long shot Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:39:33 +0000 Thom Fain/Briefing How do Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump compare on the hot button issues? Mon, 26 Sep 2016 21:58:55 +0000 Thom Fain/Briefing Debate 'expectations game' winners tend to lose the elections Mon, 26 Sep 2016 18:56:14 +0000 Josh Barro/Business Insider White House staff share somber details of how Hillary Clinton coped with the Monica Lewinsky affair Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:20:16 +0000 Amanda Macias/Business Insider