Marceline Utility Superintendent Lockwood Fired, Councilman Yocom Resigns, City Manager Lewis Responds

An 18-year veteran department head with the City of Marceline has been fired, and a Marceline City Councilman resigned after recommending that the Marceline City Manager’s contract be terminated. During the Citizen’s Participation segment of Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Marceline City Council, citizen Larry Lockwood tossed each City Councilman and Mayor Mark Hatfield a sealed envelope, telling them they contained “evidence” of what he believed to be his son’s wrongful termination. Kirk Lockwood had worked for the City of Marceline 30 years, 18 as the City’s Utility Superintendent.
At the close of the meeting’s Open Session, Councilman Albert Yocom read a prepared statement that made three major points: (1) Yocom’s belief that the Marceline community has become divided; (2) Yocom’s assessment that there is a “cancer” in Marceline that needs to be excised; (3) Yocom’s recommendation that the contract of Marceline City Manager Luke Lewis be terminated.
The LCL learned Wednesday morning that Councilman Yocom resigned from his position on the Marceline City Council during the Closed Session that followed. Mayor Mark Hatfield has confirmed that although there was a Closed Session, no vote or action was taken. “We accepted Councilman Yocom’s resignation, regretfully,” said Hatfield on Wednesday. No further explanation has been offered, although Yocom has said, “There are two sides to the story.”

To see the full letter from Lockwood, as well as City Manager Lewis' full response, see the print edition of tonight's LCL.