The Marceline R-5 Board of Education met in regular session this week.

The Marceline R-5 Board of Education met in regular session on Monday night with all members present.  The meeting was first called to order at 5:45 p.m. for a public hearing, and then again at 6 p.m. for the regular meeting.  At these meetings, the Board set the District’s Tax Rate Levy, approved the CSIP, and heard a Professional Development Committee evaluation.
Tax Rate Hearing
The annual Tax Rate hearing was held with no members of the public in attendance. The first order of business was to adopt a resolution to set the rate at a higher rate than the State Auditor’s Office had suggested.  This was being done due to the State setting the District’s values lower than expected; that would have destroyed the budget that the District had already approved. The resolution passed unanimously after a motion and second by Judy Toops and Matt Cupp.
The District then approved the 2012-2013 Tax Rate at 4.800 per $100 of assessed valuation. Superintendent Gabe Edgar noted that the approved budget was made with a one percent increase in assessed valuations, and the actual increase came in at 1.4 percent.  It is worth noting that 0.800 of the above listed rate is the Debt Service Levy.  The rate passed unanimously after a motion and second by Lex Cavanah and Charlie Jobson.
Regular Session
The Board then adjourned for a small break before reconvening in regular session at 6 p.m. sharp.  Under Acknowledgments and Thank-You’s, the Board reviewed a thank-you letter from new teacher Casey Gladbach, as well as a thank-you card from the family of Zach Cupp.
The Board also thanked all of the individuals and businesses who donated to the recent school supply drive, as well as First Baptist Church for their work on the project.  The Consent Calendar was approved unanimously after a motion and second from Toops and Kim Corbin.
Unfinished Business
The Board approved the District’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP).  This was done unanimously after a motion and second by Cavanah and Cindi Rodgers.  The plan had been discussed at length at the previous two Board meetings.  Superintendent Edgar noted two main goals for the staff this year:  District-wide unity, and PDC follow-through to show how they affect student learning.  Edgar also related that the new CSIP was fine tuned down, and was half the size it was before.
The Board then looked over the responses to the Summer School report, noting a majority of positive responses.  The educators who taught at Summer Journey responded that the technology, supplies, and user-friendliness were all better than last year.