The Brookfield City Council met this week in regular session.

During Tuesday evening’s monthly meeting of the Brookfield City Council, Mayor Jack Forbes appointed Martha Beach to serve the remainder of Don Riepe’s term on the Council, and the Councilmen unanimously affirmed that appointment. Councilman Riepe succumbed to cancer on July 10, and three citizens had since expressed interest in serving out his uncompleted term. The other two candidates were Julie Johnson and Gary Ball.
2012 Tax Levy / Public Hearing
Even though there was a very slight increase in the 2012 municipal tax rate over the 2011 rate—the 2011 rate was $1.5465, the 2012 rate is $1.5494, and the difference is .0029—the total tax revenue for 2012 is projected to be less than it was in 2011. Total tax revenue in 2011 was $567,625.94, and total tax revenue for 2012 will be $566,870.69, $755.25 less revenue than last fiscal year. The fiscal year begins on October 1. In short, although the tax rate is slightly higher than it was last year, the total valuation is lower.
In terms of changes in revenue to be collected from personal property taxes and real estate taxes, real estate tax revenue will be $455,554 higher than it was in 2011; personal property tax revenue will be $572,997 lower than it was in 2011. The difference is $117,443 to the good. With regard to tax revenue distribution, $321,302.33 will be budgeted for General Revenue, $135,808.96 will be budgeted for the Public Library, $36,586.47 will go to the cemetery, and $73,172.93 will go to the parks.
During the Tax Rate Hearing, citizen Jim Bradley objected to the tax rate increase initially, but withdrew his objection after he was shown how small the increase will be.