Baker Making a Home at First Baptist Church

Brian Baker is a young minister who has found his way to the First Baptist Church in Marceline.  Baker comes in with a mission to spread the Word of God, and to spread the message of the Good Book.
“First Baptist Church has a well-deserved reputation as an optimistic and energetic congregation with active, established, and especially caring ministries,” said Baker.  “I’m especially looking forward to feeding off the energy the church already has and seeing good things happen to make disciples of Jesus Christ in Marceline and beyond.”
Baker has been preaching for over a decade, and is looking to complete his Master of Divinity degree while in the pulpit at First Baptist.
“I preached my first sermon in February 2000 and began preaching in different, mostly smaller, churches in north Missouri and western Illinois after beginning college at Truman,” explained Baker.  “I have been pastoring for seven years. First Baptist Church in Kirksville licensed me to Gospel ministry in the Southern Baptist Convention in 2003, and Fellowship Baptist Church in Kirksville ordained me to the ministry in 2005.  I have been working on an M.Div. through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and plan to finish that during this pastorate in Marceline.”
The inspiration offered by Scripture is the most important thing to Baker, as he can cite no single favorite Bible verse.
“I’ve never honestly been one to have one favorite verse,” said Baker.  “The genius of Scripture is how its inspired nature reaches us by the power of the Holy Spirit at different times and places for different purposes.  It’s amazing to me how you can read or hear a passage from Scripture over and over and over again, in radically different contexts, and still find it meaningful—and in many cases, more meaningful—every time.”