Some members of the Mid County Fire Protection Board are proposing to abolish commercial building rules while revamping residential and dock codes.

A proposal was handed out to members of the board during their October meeting. Supporters of the new codes are members Mike High and Rodney Sederwall.

High passed out the new proposal and asked the board to look it over and be prepared for further discussion next month. Sederwall spoke briefly of why he supports the proposal, "I have a problem with us requiring something unless we are inspecting for it," he said. Sederwall feels as if Mid County does not have the time to inspect homes and make sure all are up to the National Electric Code.

Fire chief Scott Fransden chimed in and said, "56 districts in Missouri are enforcing the same codes that we are." Other board members stayed overall quiet.

One concerned citizen expressed her thoughts on the proposed changes, "If you get rid of those [commercial building codes], you will be affecting what the firefighters do and the lives of the people inside."

The board will continue their discussion on the building code issue at its next meeting scheduled for November 15.