Marceline Cheerleaders Earn Back-to-Back-to-Back Titles

The Marceline Tigers Cheerleaders competed recently in the State Cheerleading Championships in Columbia, and for the third consecutive year, have taken home the Class One – Small Division, State Cheerleading Championship. This cheerleading dynasty have won multiple Championships over the years, and are most definitely more than pretty faces on a sideline.
How many is multiple?  Five.  That’s right, the Marceline Varsity Cheerleaders added their fifth State Championship to the trophy case with this big win.  It is safe to say that no other program, at any school in Linn County, can boast that many titles.
Also with this win, cheerleaders: Monica Ewigman, Kenna Jenkins, Kelsey Cupp, Kaci Linebaugh, and Shelby Smith joined Maggie Robinson and McKenzie Ewigman as the only three-time State Champions in school history.  Shelby can make her own history if she is a part of a winning squad next year, and would become the first ever four-time champion in school history.
The newly-minted three-time Champions commented on their accomplishment:
“It feels good to join such company,” said Ewigman.  “Cheering with everyone is really fun, we are like a family.”
“It’s just awesome to be a three-time champion,” said Gladbach.  “I didn’t realize the magnitude of what we had done.”
“It means a lot, that we achieved something,” said Linebaugh.  “It means that all of our hard work has paid off.”
“It means a lot to me,” said Jenkins.  “Not a lot of people have three State Championship rings.  Whenever you are out there at competition, it is the best feeling ever.  You have to make it your best.”
“I feel really blessed,” said Shelby.  “So many people want to win, but we got it three times.  Some people never know what it is like to win once.”
The thing to consider in these titles is that there is so much more than just traditional cheerleading.  The cheerleaders have to know gymnastics, dance, and cheer to attain the top tier of their sport.
“We have been practicing every day since the end of May,” said two-time Champion Hannah Smith.  “It’s not as easy as it looks.  You have to be in shape and keep your body strong.”
In addition to their practicing, the MHS Cheerleaders also serve a lot more functions than eye candy on the sidelines at football games and assemblies.
“We support the guys with candy and secret pals,” said Kennedy Chrisman, who is enjoying her first State Championship.  “We give them Homecoming gifts, Bell Game gifts, and we do community service as well.  We have mowed lawns, painted fingernails, and even did a care package for a football player from Hallsville who is battling cancer.”
The girls also noted that they volunteered at the Redneck Games, painted faces in Ripley Park, and have done countless card showers for community members.