Ballot Issues Cause Controversy in Linn County

 The 2012 Election is not one that will go down without some controversy in Linn County.  A ballot issue with the Absentee Precinct, as well as the Marceline Precinct, has caused some issues with the unofficial results reported in this article.
The Ballot Problems
According to County Clerk Peggy Ward, who announced the following at the conclusion of the election last night at the Linn County Courthouse in Linneus, there were 12 absentee ballots difference between the hand count and the electronic count.
The second issue came in the Marceline Precinct, where approximately 100 votes cast in the 6th and 7th District State Representative races may have been cast in the wrong Legislative District.  This could cause a swing in these races of up to 200 votes.
In the Absentee Precinct issue, a recount will be held on Wednesday, and the ballots were sealed up after the initial count to secure them. In the issue with the Legislative votes in Marceline, a new election may be needed if either the 6th or 7th District races are within 200 votes separating the candidates.
The LCL will update both situations in Friday’s newspaper, and will also report the precinct-by-precinct (Township) races in that edition as well.
Voter Turnout
In Linn County, the voter turnout was reported at 63.93 percent.  There were a total of 5598 ballots cast out of the 8896 possible.  This is a solid turnout, but the highest in the history of Linn County comes in at 69 percent.

Contested Local Races
In the District One County Commissioner race, William J. (Bill) Dorsey (D) defeated Dwight Curley (R) 50.62-49.27.  This race is within 37 total individual votes, and will more-than-likely see a recount with a less-than one percent difference in the tallies.
In the race for Public Administrator:  Incumbent Republican Kay Cunningham defeated Democratic challenger Don Fuhrhop 67.61-32.35.
Uncontested Local Races
In uncontested local races: Terry Tschannen was elected Ninth Circuit Judge, Jim Libby won the Second District County Commissioner race, Tom Parks was re-elected Sheriff, Marlene Graves retained the position of Assessor, Pamela Reed won re-election as Collector-Treasurer, and Kenny Creason was retained as Coroner.