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  • 2012 General Election - Contested Races After Absentee Recount

  • See the adjusted totals for the 2012 General Election in Linn County after the recount of the Absentee Precinct.
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  • President and Vice-President
    Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R) 60.00%
    Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D) 36.61%
    U.S. Senator
    Claire McCaskill (D) 52.75%
    Todd Akin (R) 39.33%
    Jay Nixon (D) 52.24%
    Dave Spence (R) 44.41%
    Lieutenant Governor
    Peter Kinder (R) 50.44%
    Susan Montee (D) 42.59%
    Secretary of State
    Jason Kander (D) 42.80%
    Shane Schoeller (R) 47.62%
    State Treasurer
    Cole McNary (R) 46.99%
    Cline Zweiffel (D) 46.60%
    Attorney General
    Chris Koster (D) 55.63%
    Ed Martin (R) 40.16%
    U.S. Representative – Sixth District
    Sam Graves (R) 67.61%
    Kyle Yarber (D) 30.24%
    State Representative – Sixth District
    Tim Remole (R) 51.50%
    Diana Scott (D) 48.42%
    State Representative – Seventh District
    Mike Lair (R) 52.77%
    Harry Wyse (D) 47.13%
    County Commissioner – District One
    Bill Dorsey (D) 50.66%
    Dwight Curley (R) 49.23%
    [Editorial Note: The LCL erroneously reported that this race was within one percent in Wednesday's edition. Before the Absentee Precinct recount, this race was at 1.39% difference, after the recount, the race is at 1.43% difference. We apologize for this mathematical error, and any confusion it may have caused.]
    Public Administrator
    Kay Cunningham (R) 67.60%
    Don Fuhrhop (D) 32.36%
    Amendment 3
    No 77.76%
    Yes 22.24%
    Proposition A
    Yes 59.30%
    No 40.70%
    Proposition B
    No 60.25%
    Yes 39.75%
    Proposition E
    Yes 62.71%
    No 37.29%
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