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Sad weekend for Missouri sports
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By Dennis Miller
My name is Dennis Miller and I am a lifelong resident of Kirksville, MO. I have been totally blind since birth and a sports fanatic just as long. I like all sports but love baseball and am a proud lifelong member of Cardinal Nation. It is my honor ...
The Way I See It
My name is Dennis Miller and I am a lifelong resident of Kirksville, MO. I have been totally blind since birth and a sports fanatic just as long. I like all sports but love baseball and am a proud lifelong member of Cardinal Nation. It is my honor to be given the opportunity to write a blog for the Kirksville Daily Express and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.
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If you are a fan of any of the Missouri football teams then my heart goes out to you because it was a long sad weekend for all of us. The Missouri Tigers got the sad weekend off with a heartbreaking loss at home against a pretty good Syracuse team who are much better than their record indicates. Not only did Missouri lose the game in the final seconds of the fourth quarter after leading the entire game but Missouri most likely lost their chance to go to a post season bowl game as well. Missouri could still become bowl eligible if they can somehow manage to beat Texas AandM in College Station on Saturday but the chance of that happening is about as good as my chances of getting paid to write this blog. Missouri simply let the game get away from them in the fourth quarter.
The Kansas City Chiefs continue to amaze me week in and week out but Sunday’s loss to the Bengals may have been the absolute worst game I have ever seen a Chiefs team play. Oh by the way, the Chiefs have lost all five games at home this year which I cannot recall ever happening before. Both quarterbacks were awful! The Chiefs fans who have consistently been some of the most loyal fans in the NFL have turned on the team in a major way and this has become a franchise in desperate need of a major overhaul and in my opinion that overhaul must start at the top and go all the way to the bottom. There are those that are calling for an immediate change but I am not one of them for the simple fact that this season is already beyond repair. The Chiefs are going to have a losing season even if they win the rest of their games which is virtually impossible at this point. The team needs to be taken apart and totally put back together. Unfortunately I don’t think that can happen in one year, they have fallen too far and it is going to take time to rebuild the franchise or else they are simply going to have to go on a massive spending spree and try to buy a team but I don’t think there is enough money to do that. The best scenario the Chiefs can hope for in my opinion is to end the season with the worst record in the NFL which is very likely to happen given the way they are playing and that will give them the number 1 overall draft pick. They then need to draft someone like a quarterback who they can build the team around and then start trying to build the team around him. That may take two or three years but it’s the only way I know of to fix the problem. They simply must find a general manager who knows what he is doing and a coach who knows how to patiently nurture young players into winners. Right now the Chiefs organization as a whole has no idea how to win and that has to change.
The St. Louis Rams completed this sad weekend of football by losing at home to the New Yor Jets who are about as dysfunctional as a team can get but were able to get it together enough to beat a Rams team who is much better than they played on Sunday. The Rams are simply inconsistent right now, they are not a bad team and the talent is there it just isn’t always on display.
There were some bright spots to this sport weekend however. The Truman State women’s basketball team looked very impressive in a victory over McKendrie on Saturday. I really think this could be the best women’s basketball team the Truman women have had in my lifetime.
Congratulations to Brad Keslowski on winning his first NASCAR Sprint Cup title. Congratulations to Clint Bowyer for surviving Jeff Gordon. Congratulations to Jeff Gordon for being a good little boy and not hitting anybody.
Philadelphia 76ers center Andrew Bynum is out with a knee injury which he says he sustained while bowling. Bynum says he has only bowled a couple of times and did it to rehabilitate the other knee. Bynum went on to say that he is starting to suspect he may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.
We will be back on Wednesday with another blog on the goings on in the wacky sports world. Until then, please continue to support the other blogs on this site and thank you as always for your support of this blog. Your comments are always welcome and much appreciated.
Have a great Monday!

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