When a lost pet is found.

Recently a family who live about 8 miles east of Cando lost their beloved pet cat. When Kitty did not come home there were some anxious moments, but then they began to think that the kitty had been the victim of the bitterly cold weather or a hungry coyote. Very sad but what could they do?  A week later a woman found a cat while hunting a few miles west of Cando. It was cold, thin, obviously hungry but apparently unharmed. The Good Samaritan decided to keep the kitty but took it to her veterinarian to make sure it was healthy. No one had reported a lost cat, but the vet thought she recognized the cat. Sure enough the lost was found. The owners were ecstatic to have their pet returned. How did this little cat travel more than 10 miles from home? That will remain a mystery, but this story emphasizes the importance of spreading the word when an animal goes missing. Don't assume it is dead. Put the word out to local law enforcement, veterinary clinics, radio and TV, Facebook and Twitter, animal shelters and rescue groups. Post notices with a picture and/or description of the pet everyhwere you can. Don't give up. Your  pet may be returned to your loving arms with some effort and of course some good fortune.