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Yesterday, I moved out of house #1 in Gold Canyon. I had two nights between houses, so I went on Priceline and got a good hotel deal at a resort in north Phoenix, which seemed like something different. It seemed like a historic resort, perched on cliffs. However, it was built only in the 1980s.
The man who built it did it right. One of the restaurants, just down the sidewalk from my room, featured $250,000 worth of mahogany paneling. Wow, was it rich. I wanted to take pictures, but it is difficult to capture such dark, rich wood colors. I sat at the bar and ate a $7 appetizer for supper. Then on a whim, I said I have to have a glass of port for dessert, as the dark, ornate Victorian wood seemed to call for it.
The bartender had his favorite port and poured me a tiny glass of it. Fantastic! Best port ever. Port isn't subtle. The flavors overwhelm. You sip it a little nip at a time. This one tasted like chocolate. Wow.
It was good, and it lasted twenty minutes, but when I got the bill, it was $7 for the supper and $17 for the three ounces of port!
Oh, well.
Today, I moved into the next house. I sit there right now. It is excessive. I love it. I will take pictures and post here. What views! I took a run as the sun set this evening. The new route will be plenty good. This place is very, very quiet, much deeper into Gold Canyon than the first house, about which I had no complaints.
Lance was to arrive for supper. We have been on Skype. He was 80 miles north when traffic stopped near Payson, up in the mountains. There was an accident. While we were on Skype, a patrolman came by and said it would be four hours before the road opened. There were many fatalities in the accident. Or, as he put it, "there's a lot of people down there who don't have nothin more to worry about."
Grim. Tough on Lance.
Lance decided to turn around and head 90 miles back to Show Low and get a hotel.
I had planned to make supper, but now I don't feel like it!
But, humor intervened. I went online to find Lance a hotel in Show Low. You can look at the reviews of each hotel. The Super 8, which can be a little skanky, had good reviews––except for two. One from a woman who found a spider and left at 3 a.m. to find another hotel, and a second from a woman who was angry that the lady at the check-in had a low-cut blouse.
"I have a 13-year-old son, and I have enough trouble teaching him right from wrong without her doing that!"
Okay, lady, just what is wrong with your 13-year-old son seeing a little cleavage at the check-in for the Super 8 in Show Low, AZ?
Life is too short!
You might get in an accident tomorrow.

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