The long college football season finally comes to an end tonight as the Notre Dame Fighting Iris and Alabama Crimson Tide face off in the BCS national championship game.  This is probably the most anticipated national championship game I can remember and that’s not surprising given the two teams involved.  Both teams have national fan bases as well as having some of the most passionate fans in college football.  Both teams have programs that are steeped in tradition and both teams have been coached by legendary coaches in the past.  The question is: can the game live up to the hype?  I have to think it can.  Both teams have solid defenses and good offenses to go along with them.  Alabama’s defense was severely tested by Georgia and they handled it reasonably well.  Notre Dame has the ability to dominate the game on both sides of the ball and Alabama does too but Notre Dame may be a little better at it.  Alabama may have played an overall tougher schedule but Notre Dame’s schedule was no slouch either.  Both teams have coaches that have brought the programs back into the national spotlight and I for one am looking forward to tonight’s game in a way I haven’t looked forward to a national championship college football game before.  This is one time when ESPN’s hype machine may actually be on track. 


Well, the first round of the NFL playoffs are complete and things went pretty much as expected.  Some may consider the Seahawks victory over the Redskins to be an upset but I’m not one of them.  It took the Seahawks a while to get started but once they did the Redskins didn’t have much of a chance.  RG III struggled after the first quarter but he was also playing hurt and the whole team seemed to fold around him.  The Redskins and the Indianapolis Colts who also lost on Sunday have rookie quarterbacks who were thrown into a difficult situation and made the most of it.  Make no mistake about it, both these teams will be back.  This isn’t the end for RG III or Andrew Luck, it is just the beginning. 


I took a nap Saturday afternoon and slepte through most of the first half of Missouri’s basketball game with Bucknell.  Apparently Missouri slept through the first half as well because they struggled mightily against a better than expected Bucknell team.  Missouri played a very flat and uninspired game and won by the skin of their teeth.  They will have to play much better when SEC play starts later this week. 


The Truman State women’s basketball team continues to look impressive as they easily beat Lindenwood on Saturday afternoon on Lindenwood’s home floor.  There was some concern going in as two of Truman’s players suffered concussions last week but Truman didn’t miss a beat and are now 10 and 2.  They next play Central Oklahoma on Thursday at Pershing. 


The Truman men continue to struggle as they lost to Lindenwood on Saturday.  My heart goes out to this young scrappy team because they are so close to being there but just haven’t quite made it yet.  They have a good coach and a very bright future but they must work on their free throw shooting and having a physical presence inside would be a major boost to the team.  The men also play Central Oklahoma on Thursday.  I have no idea where Central Oklahoma is but I do know it’s nowhere near Kirksville which is another reason why Truman will be much better off next year when they move to the Great Lakes Valley conference. 


Both Kirksville High School basketball teams came away with hard fought victories against Chilicothe on Saturday.  The girls struggled at times from the free throw line against a very determined Hornet team but were able to come away with a victory.  It’s games like Saturday’s game when things weren’t always working the way they should that will help this team when it gets into districts and on past that.  The boys used a fourth quarter surge to put away Chilicothe in a confidence bossting win.  Both teams play Marshal on Thursday with the girls going there and Marshal coming here for the boys game. 


We’ll be back on Wednesday with our normal midweek blog as we will look back at the BCS championship game and whatever else we can come up with.  As always, your support of this blog is very much appreciated and I hope you will do the same for all the other blogs on this site.

Have a terrific week!