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Jan. 9, 2013 11:20 a.m.

The glow of orange fills the room while the sound of a motorcycle runs when the switch is turned on. The constant squeak of a rocker keeps a steady beat, as the TV blares and intermittent calls on the cell phone are heard. This room is cozy and welcoming and a safe haven away from stress. This room belongs to my dad, Jamie S. Prokup.<>
Jamie S. Prokup is my father. He married Janet M. Adams on July 3, 1993. I have many fond memories relating to my dad, but my earliest memory is a feeling of security. I remember being held and played with, which made me feel safe. He has always made me feel like he could take care of anything. He shows confidence when he speaks to me and by example through his work.<>
My dad stands about 58 tall, brown hair, green eyes, with an amazing smile. He is a pharmacist and owns his own pharmacy called Laplata Pharmacy. He has an extremely wonderful talent making everyone he meets feeling important. This characteristic is why he is such a successful business man. The atmosphere that radiates the pharmacy is all because of my dad. It is an atmosphere expelling laughter, warmth and knowledge. He has single-handedly made a small business into one that is widely known and respected.<>
My dad has always been strong for me and through the years has grown to accept me unconditionally. I know that in the past I might have embarrassed him, but not anymore. I love the fact he always wants to include me in the family outings. He also seems to be proud of me and enjoys talking about me to others. He and I have grown together and have developed a strong bond.<>
The message I want to leave with my dad is thanks. Thanks for not giving up on me. Thanks for saying my name with pride, and thanks for being a wonderful example for me. Someday I want people to say my name with admiration and respect like they feel when they say Jamie Prokup. <>

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