The LCL takes a look ahead to some stories we are keeping an eye on in 2013.

E911 Update
During the Linn County E911 Board’s most recent meeting, Les Dotson and Daryl Noll with Chariton County E911 were on hand to offer advisement. Although it is far too premature to begin finding a site for the new Linn County E911 headquarters, Dotson and Noll advised our E911 Board to consider how structurally sound the building will need to be, as well as the availability of pre-existing infrastructure (i.e., water and sewer lines). When discussion about the facility’s  location began, Chairman Luke Lewis advised the Board that further discussion about the matter needed to occur in closed session. However, there was no further discussion, no action was taken, and the conversation about specific locations didn’t go forward as other preliminary matters need to be settled first.
An application for tax-exempt status is in the works, and that matter will need to be finalized before a bank account for the Linn County E911 System can be obtained.
A request for qualifications for both an attorney and banks is being drawn up.

Bell Game – Nationwide!
This fall, the annual Bell Game rivalry match-up will see Marceline travel to Burlington Field for a battle with Brookfield.  The Dogs are in their third year with the Bell, and will be looking to make it a four-year sweep for their seniors.
The twist this year, though, could be the national spotlight shone on the game itself.  
This is thanks to the game winning USA Today’s Best High School Rivalry Contest this past winter.  While speculation has swarmed around just what “national exposure” will entail, it will be interesting to see just how big this little game has gotten.
The rumors are certainly flying, with mentions of television broadcasts (unsubstantiated reports, by the way), and other national media taking notice (also unsubstantiated).  Either way, the LCL will still be on the sidelines (as always), and will report on the game in the fall of 2013.

Note:  See the LCL's print edition for the other three stories we are watching.