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Jan. 12, 2013 11:15 a.m.

Gandhi is one of the world’s most respected men in history. In my opinion he is an amazing man. He came from a poor family and from a culture that observed class systems. Even though he grew up with these values, he grew beyond them. He respected and honored those that accepted equality, but openly disapproved of others. He spent his entire life helping those that were in need and fighting for their rights.<>
I want readers to know that if everyone were to live by Gandhi’s example, the world would eventually know peace. He believed violence was not necessary in any circumstance. Civil disobedience was a much safer and more humane tactic. I believe he was truly a great man.<>
My favorite act of Gandhi’s was his letter written to the children in his village while he was in jail. He wrote to them to encourage them to be brave and strong while he was away. He said that the distance between them was insignificant because he and they were able to fly without wings in their heart.<>

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