Starting Another Week

It’s Monday!

          It’s Monday. The office phone is ringing “Just calling to confirm a meeting/presentations already scheduled. Requests to schedule other presentations.  Could 4-H assist with?  How does my child join 4-H?  Where do I find information on?  I want to register for _______.  How do I solve a problem with ________?”

          It’s Monday. The emails alerts are regularly popping on the corner of my computer screen.  I TRY to check email only a few times a day but ………. “I’m a graduate student, can you complete this survey? Our committee needs to schedule a conference call.  News alerts about food safety, consumer fraud arrive.   Kids Count has latest info on ND kids – please share with others their office pleas. National 4-H Supply is offering free shipping if items for this summer’s 4-H Achievement Days are ordered now”

          It’s Monday. Office visitors are braving the cold.  “Can I talk to ____?, Is she in?  I missed your presentation.  Do you have more copies?  Your news column said___________”.      

          It’s Monday. The calendar on my computer pings to remind me that today’s first meeting is in 15 minutes.   Two more meeting pings will be heard today.  The calendar pings again – a report is due by this time tomorrow.  Looking at the calendar reminds me it is time to file 4-H end of the year reports with the IRS.

          It’s Monday. Sticky notes decorate the edges of my computer screen.  “Food price survey, Copies of handouts for presentation, Announcements for April events need to go out this week, Poster promoting raffle to 4-H supporter, Review curriculum written by colleague. Write curriculum on ______”

          It’s Monday.  It’s only 10-am and I won’t trade it for the world.