Everyone needs encouragement at some point. I'm at that point.

I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.  I'm constantly up and down and don't think that it's possible to ever be "skinny."  There are times I want to give up.  Times that grabbing that cheeseburger or not going to the gym seem so easy.  Even at times when I've had the best workout ever, I just wonder when it's going to start paying off.

A lot of times encouragement from others goes along way.  When you're down, simple words can make it easy to keep going.

I don't like salad.  I don't like vegetables.  The last two days I've ate at least one salad a day. I cringed as I took every bite.  I figured it wouldn't make me full so I had several other options to eat with me.  I posted pictures to Facebook just to prove to people that I was actually doing it.  I was so angry about not being able to grab a piece of pizza or HAVING to go to the gym that I wanted to have a huge breakdown.  All of that on top of a screaming three year old, work, and TONS of homework, made me feel that my life was falling apart.

I was about ready to go to bed when I got a message from my mom.  It said, "I'm very proud of you and all the working out you are doing.  I keep thinking it would be nice if I was there to go with you, too.  You don't always have to eat salad either, or change up the dressing sometimes or add a cracker to make some crunch with it.  Love you."

This made my day.  My mom has been my biggest cheerleader, whether I lose 3lbs a week or gain 2.  It's her words of encouragement that had me eating a salad today and being pumped about going to the gym tomorrow.

It doesn't matter if a person is struggling or not.  Give some words of encouragement to anyone.