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To Janice
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By Antonio Prokup
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Feb. 8, 2013 11:18 a.m.

January 7, 2013
Dear Janice,
You and I have not met personally, but I feel I know you through your beautiful work. My
aunt has given my mom two of your paintings which I have admired, but your wonderful
gift to me was beyond words. I absolutely love the painting of the Black Diamond
Christmas has always been hard for me because of my inability to unwrap presents
while people are watching, so you can imagine how uncomfortable it is for me. It is also
very hard for my family to ?nd gifts that I will use, not to mention like. So thinking this
Christmas morning, while pleasant and unusually quiet, was expected to be like all the
rest, I sat a safe distance away from everyone in my usual spot, just listening to my
family enjoying the morning. Then, since I'm the youngest I get to unwrap ?rst. Each
present gets handed to me away from the group and I frantically open the present then
push it aside. After several minutes of this procedure, my mom ?nally handed me my
last present. This one I did not have to unwrap. My aunt simply had it in a bag. I took it
out and then quickly handed the beautiful painting to my mom. My mom's expression
was one of awe repeating "Oh my gosh!" over and over as she brought it to me in my
safe corner of the house. At that moment I really looked closely at the most thoughtful
gift I have ever received. I can't tell you what your painting means to me, but I believe
you deserve to know, so I will try!
I mentioned before, that to some of us, losing that remarkable building was like losing a
friend. Well your picture is just that, a picture of an intimate friend that only a Bevier
person had the pleasure of knowing and admiring. You managed to take years of caring
and love and paint those feelings in each stroke of the brush. You successfully used my
thoughts and recreated them on the canvas; not just with the Christmas decorations, but
the crack of the slightly opened front door. This opening inviting everyone to look at her
magni?cence within. The building breathes in your painting allowing the building to
breathe forever in our memories and de?nitely in my heart.
To say a simple thank you seems unworthy, but know that the thank you I am extending
you is with great magnitude. Great magnitude of heartfelt appreciation for the love and
caring you put into this amazing painting for me. I will treasure it always. You have
managed to keep the memory of this historical building in our hearts and minds forever!
Thank You,

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