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For Noni
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By Antonio Prokup
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Feb. 9, 2013 11:16 a.m.

So many things come to mind when I think of Noni. She was always happy and full of
life and loved her family dearly. This expression of love came in different fashions, but
unmistakably was her way of showing how much she cared for the people closest to her
When we visited the farm in Ladd, I would feel such excitement because I knew what
would be waiting for us there. A fun ?lled weekend! Noni would have a feast waiting for
us with each and everyone 's favorite foods represented on the table. Noni was an
amazing cook known for her infamous ravioli she made for the entire community. When
she moved to Bevier, my mom's family raved over Noni's talent of making such
beautifully shaped tortelinis, as they called them. They were so perfect it appeared they
couldn't be handmade. Noni and my grandma Adams had many discussions on Italian
Other memories at the farm was her love for entertaining me and my cousins. We were
allowed to do almost anything we desired with her joining in on the fun. We colored,
helped cook, and my favorite, chasing bubbles, as she, with great enthusiasm, blew
from a bubble wand, bubbles that landed all over the kitchen ?oor, if we couldn't catch
them. Never once did she scold us for making a mess! During all this fun someone
would ask her to sing! My dad's favorite was Fifty Cents. After supper we would sit on
the porch just reminiscing and laughing, watching all the kittens climb all over us and of
course the dogs too! Off to bed wrapped up in a afghan made by Noni herself. I
personally had the pleasure of enjoying many of Noni's afghans. Then up for breakfast
for a dippy egg!
Italian women have always been known for their cooking and love for life. Well Noni
exhibited the typical Italian woman to a tee! She will always be remembered for her
smile when seeing us drive up the driveway, whether it was after the long drive to the
farm or when my family ate supper with she and Pa at Bevier. Even at the nursing
home, the nurses loved her smile! Well I know she is smiling now! She and Pa
together again playing a game of pinnacle, not partners of course, some things don't
even change in heaven, or playing about 15 cards all at the same time, of bingo! Noni
has ?nally hit the jackpot; home in heaven and smiling that beautiful smile!

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