The Marionville Board of Alderman held a marathon-style meeting on Thursday night. The meeting convened at 6:30 p.m. and adjourned at 10:58 p.m.

The Marionville Board of Alderman held a marathon-style meeting on Thursday night. The meeting convened at 6:30 p.m. and adjourned at 10:58 p.m.

The meeting covered items from rail crossings to "impeachable" actions of officials, numerous uses of the gavel by the mayor, disgust from those attending over behavior of aldermen -- in essence, a regular meeting of the group. The one item outside the norm was that of Alderman Scott Brown resigning.

Aldermen took action on several items as follows:

• saying "no" to the proposed closing of two rail crossings and enhancement of the railroad overpass and Highway 14 adjacent to it. This came on a 3-3 vote and tie breaker from Mayor Bob Duda. The board will meet with railroad officials at 6 p.m., February 21, in the conference room at the fire station to discuss repairs to crossings. Dan Salisbury with Missouri Department of Transportation said he will not redirect the available money until the end of the month.

• updating several ordinances to use the 2012 International Building Code

• approving a pay increase of three percent for Corporal Krissa Smith

• declining a request from Mark Webb for payment of unused sick time. The vote was 4-2 with Jeff Schatz and Dale Blankenship casting the "no" votes to the motion.

• giving Kris Bowling, fire chief, permission to pursue the establishment of a fire district including the city and rural departments

• transferring $50,000 from the checking account to a money market account for slightly better interest
Brown initiated eight items on the evening's agenda:

• training for aldermen. Information will be available in future candidate packets about training for the office.

• hiring/firing procedures for the police department. Aldermen voted to strike this item from the agenda.

• updating the city's website. Paige Rogers, a new employee, will be doing that soon.

• code violations of an elected official, specifically the mayor

"Don't treat each other like @#$%. Everyone wants to militantly adhere to [city] code or Robert's Rules of Order until they have something to say," Schatz added to the discussion.

Aldermen made no motion on this item.

• proposing an ordinance regarding the use of social media. Harter made a motion with Blankenship providing a second to "do not act on this." The vote was 6-0.

• a need to purchase a lectern and video camera to assist in efficiency of council meetings. The board tabled this item for more information.

• the idea of posting videos of the board meetings on Since the board did not vote to purchase a camera, members did not address this item.

• a closed session for addressing hiring, firing or disciplining of a paid employee. The board voted 6-0 to go into closed session. Duda announced upon returning a short time later that no motions were made nor votes taken.

During aldermens' comments, Brown presented his resignation, saying he has been a member for 10 months, but was able to get more accomplished before he was a member.

He said, "The city is in a mess, its out of control and there is no leadership. I don't feel I am able to help."

The board did not address procedures to fill Brown's position.