Get to know Marceline R-5 school board candidate Judy Toops.

Biography:  Before retiring I had over thirty years of experience as secretary in the Marceline R-V School District.  I believe that gives me a good knowledge of how the School District operates and qualifies me to make good choices when important decisions have to be made. My reason for running for the Board of Education is because I have a genuine interest in all the youth in Marceline. I am very involved in my church and community organizations that help meet the basic needs of food, shelter, clothes, and even school supplies for our children. I also want to be a part of providing every child in Marceline with a quality education.
First Issue:  Having served on the Marceline R-5 Board of Education for six years, I have seen some great things happen in our school district. Being able to watch our Vocational-Agricultural building be constructed and used has been a source of pride for me. In April of 2014 our Board of Education plans to run another NO TAX increase bond issue to fund some much needed improvements to our facilities. A Facility Needs Committee is presently being formed to decide what improvements are needed the most.   Working to get this bond issue passed would be my number one goal.  I would help inform our community of the needs of the school district and encourage them to vote for our children’s future.
Second Issue:  In my opinion, one of the greatest needs I see is providing food service in the high/middle school. For as many years as I can remember students and faculty have had to weather the elements to get a bite to eat at lunch. I see it now as a potentially dangerous situation. As students walk to the elementary from the high school building they are quite vulnerable to an attack. We have made some much needed improvements to the security of our buildings, and hopefully if a bond issue is passed we will have the funds to make this improvement and eliminate this risk to our students.