Get to know Mike Sattman, candidate for Brookfield school board.

Biography:  My name is Mike Sattman, and I am running for the Brookfield R-3 School Board.  My wife Abby, along with our children Laken and Dirk, have lived in Brookfield for 9 years.  Our children are in school, and that makes this decision to run for the school board a very important issue for me.  The Brookfield R-3 School is a very important part of our community, and I wish to see it remain strong in my efforts as a school board member.  I think we have a very good school, very good teaching staff and administration that I would like to see them rewarded for the great efforts they put forth. Some other issues I wish to pursue are the school lunches and the ability for our children to have the most opportunities at Brookfield R-3 for the next step in life and their career.  School should teach everyone about responsibility and getting an education for the next step in life.  I would also like to look into other options concerning our school lunches.  This seems to be a concern for a lot of parents.
Second Issue:  Security has also become a major issue this school year. There are many issues to address in dealing with security. This will take time and planning for the community and school board to resolve the concerns of all parents.  Time will be a concern for the public and what projects come first for the security of our school.  At the public meeting there were a great number of people with concerns and ideas to help protect our children.  We have to fix the problems and in moving forward, think of new ways to protect the students at Brookfield R-III.  
Great things I have seen in the past month is awarding students for their academics and letting them know that it is very important to excel in academics foremost.  Being recognized by the Brookfield R-3 School Board for their accomplishments, was a great honor for students.  I think we should defiantly continue this in the future in stressing the importance of academics.                        
Your vote for the Brookfield R-III School Board would be greatly appreciated.