Get to know Daren Bodine, candidate for Brookfield school board.

Biography:  Heavy equipment salesman, husband and parent Daren Bodine has resided and worked in Brookfield, MO for 5 years. Daren is a U.S. Marine Corp. veteran. He has attended Missouri Technical College and Moberly Area Community College. For the past four years he has been heavily involved as a Watch D.O.G. at the Brookfield Elementary. Daren’s wife, Michelle, is Vice President of the Brookfield PTO as well as a member of the Middle School Parent Advisory Committee. They have two children, Trevor 11 and Alyssa 3.
Daren is running for Brookfield School Board because he is proud of the school system here and wishes to take a more active part in his childrens,’ and all students’ top- notch education and school safety on a daily basis. Daren would also like to speak up and work towards more parent involvement at the school board open meetings, so that parents are more aware of how to be actively involved in their children’s education.
First Issue:  The first issue I would like to work on if elected to Brookfield School Board is parent involvement in the school system. In speaking to many parents in the Brookfield area I have learned that many are not aware of school board open meetings or how to be more active in their children’s education, whether it be PTO, parent advisory or volunteer work. I would like to take a more vocal stand and make sure that all parents are aware of school safety, school testing, how to work in conjunction with teachers and how they themselves can be a valuable asset to the school and its needs for the children. Our children are our future and parents need to know that the school wants to work with them and hear from them just as much as they would like to hear from the school.
Second Issue:  The second issue that I am very interested in working with the school system on is our children’s safety during school hours. We all see the horrible things happening at other schools, and making every effort in our school system to deter that from happening here is of the utmost importance to me; as I am sure it is to all the parents in our wonderful school system. I have learned from the parent advisory meetings of some of the safety precautions being put into effect in the school and each classroom, but I am sure that a lot of parents do not even know that our school has taken this step towards keeping all the students safe. I would like the parents to be aware of how the school is working to keep all our children safe and I would like to have an active part in making sure the school continues these efforts each and every day for years to come.