Get to know Brookfield City Council Candidate Ed Heckman.

1. Tell us a little about your background and why you chose to run for a seat on the Brookfield City Council. How long have you lived in Brookfield? If you weren’t born and raised here, what prompted you to come to Brookfield?
I have lived in Brookfield my whole life. My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were a part of Brookfield since the late 1800s. I believe in community service and giving back to Brookfield. I have always been concerned about our community, and have chosen to be a part of the City Council for the past 18 years. I have also participated in other boards including, North Central Missouri Regional Airport Board, Linn County Ambulance Board, and Trinity United Methodist Church Trustee.
2. Please select an issue or challenge you believe the City of Brookfield needs to resolve. Why do you think this issue should take priority? Do you have a suggestion as to how to go about meeting this challenge? If so, what would your suggestion be?
Revitalization of the downtown area is a priority to me. Improving the appearance and structure is a must in drawing new business to this area. Increasing community involvement and coordination in acquiring available grant money is important to meeting this goal. Another important goal is increasing our water supply. We, the Council, are currently involved in increasing the supply of water in the City Lake. This will help maintain an adequate supply of fresh water for the City.
3. What are your suggestions for promoting economic development in Brookfield? Would you be willing to work with the Brookfield Area Growth Partnership (BAGP) in achieving the initiatives that organization has given priority to? Occasionally, suggestions for economic development come from outside the ranks of the BAGP membership. How would you respond to those suggestions?
We currently have the IDA involved in encouraging economic growth in Brookfield. Working hand in hand with the BAGP and the IDA is vital to the growth of Brookfield. I am willing to do my part, as well as the Council to do what is necessary in meeting this goal. Suggestions from outside the BAGP should be welcomed and looked at openly. We are all working together for a better Brookfield.
4. Name one thing you believe the City of Brookfield could do to make Brookfield a better place to live and work.    
Encouraging homeowners as well as merchants to keep their homes/business areas clean, neat and maintained may help attract people who may want to relocate to our community. Taking pride in their home/business is an essential part in succeeding in promoting Brookfield.
5. What, in your opinion, is the value of our public spaces, and what can the Brookfield community do to increase their value? How can you assist?
The parks and City Lake in our community are great assets, which have been greatly under used. Maintaining the integrity of these areas is and should be a priority. It has been my goal to see that these areas have been maintained, and I will continue to do so if reelected. As in the past years, I have always made myself available to the citizens of Brookfield for suggestions, comments, or if a concern/problem comes up.
The community of Brookfield has to work as a team to accomplish any task or goal, not just the Council or one person. It takes all of us.