Team takes fifth at Truman, Sweeps South Shelby

Last night, Brookfield tangled with South Shelby with the Junior a varsity starting things off.
The JV Bulldogs were in control the entire bout, winning 240-130.
In scoring, Foster Speichinger had six toss-ups, Cassie Kirkpatrick had six, Katie McIntyre had two and Jeremiah Domon had four.
The night went on to the Varisty level, with Brookfield facing a tough challenge for three of the four quarters. The two CCC powerhouses battled evenly, with Brookfield holding slim first and second quarter leads.
The Dogs took over in the second half, despite South Shelby taking a lead early in the third quarter. But the Dogs would keep it together, and would pull away in the forth quarter to win 390-230.
In scoring: Sarah Collier answered   10 toss-ups, Andrew Crutcher had   10, Ryan Elliott had two, and Adam Palmer, Lauren Roberts and Keith Lain answered one each.