Get to know Marceline City Council candidate Derick Moudy.

1. Tell us a little about your background, what you believe qualifies you to serve, and why you chose to run for a seat on the Marceline City Council. How long have you lived in Marceline? If you weren’t born and raised in Marceline, what prompted you to relocate to Marceline?
I am a 2000 graduate of Marceline R-V.  I moved back to Marceline in 2010 with my wife, Wendy, and daughter, Kacey.  Marceline gave us many reasons to make this our home.  
Work has taken me to several places, including Kabul, Afghanistan and Ft Lewis, WA.  In my work, I have been put in positions of authority and responsibility.  My decision making skills have been put to the test, sometimes in life or death situations.  My thought process is different than most.  I have learned to make quick and well informed decisions that are best for the many and not just the few.  I would be a welcome voice in the decision making process within the city leadership.
2. Please name an issue or challenge you believe the City of Marceline needs to resolve. Why do you think it is so important to resolve this issue? How do you suggest that the City go about meeting this challenge, and how can you personally contribute to the resolution?     
Prairie State is our biggest issue. Our current officials have placed this at the top of the priority list.
3. What, in your opinion, are Marceline’s greatest resources? What can you do to, if you are elected to the City Council, to retain and build upon those resources?
The citizens of Marceline are our greatest resource.  We bring businesses to town.  We are a big factor in other people’s decision to move to Marceline.  We make the school great.  We are the volunteers that fight fires and respond to medical emergencies.
Community pride is the largest reason people get involved with their town’s events.  Marceline needs to give our population more reason to be proud.  I would work to improve community pride by being open and honest in my everyday life and my work in City Hall.  Faith in city leadership will instill pride in community.    
4. Do you believe that as a Councilman or Councilwoman you should be able to retain a copy of the City Budget to refer to at your leisure? Why or why not?
Yes. City council approves the budget and should always have access to it.