Get to know Marceline City Council candidate Michael Moudy.

1. Tell us a little about your background, what you believe qualifies you to serve, and why you chose to run for a seat on the Marceline City Council. How long have you lived in Marceline? If you weren't born and raised in Marceline, what prompted you to relocate to Marceline?
Hi, my name is Michael Moudy. I am 33 years old and I have lived in Marceline most of my life. I have been married, to Jennifer, for 13 years and I have 2 beautiful little girls Rylee (7) and Sydney (4). As an occupation, I manage the US Bank in Marceline. I have been on the City Council since May 2012.
2. Please name an issue or challenge you believe the City of Marceline needs to resolve. Why do you think it is so important to resolve this issue? How do you suggest that the City go about meeting this challenge, and how can you personally contribute to the resolution?
The biggest problem I see with our city is the Prairie State situation. This problem has a chance to totally consume our city if it's not taken care of in the very near future. This is a problem that I have been looking into and working on since I've been on the council. How we should fix it? I think we are on the right track to getting this taken care of. Luke Lewis, the City Manager, has done a great job of keeping us in front of this problem but it is still something that needs to be handled very quickly.
3. What, in your opinion, are Marceline's greatest resources? What can you do to, if you are elected to the City Council, to retain and build upon those resources?
I think the greatest resources right now for Marceline are our very good school, our companies (i.e. Walsworth Publishing and Moore Fans), and the fact we are the boyhood home of Walt Disney. The best way to build upon these resources is to make sure that everybody knows about them. The more companies, Disney fans and potential move-ins hear about our resources, the better chance we have of attracting them to town.
4. Do you believe that as a Councilman or Councilwoman you should be able to retain a copy of the City Budget to refer to at your leisure? Why or why not?
Yes and the budget is on our city website so everyone has access to read it when they want.