Get to know Marceline City Council Candidate Jacob Gordon.

1. Tell us a little about your background, what you believe qualifies you to serve, and why you chose to run for a seat on the Marceline City Council. How long have you lived in Marceline? If you weren’t born and raised in Marceline, what prompted you to relocate to Marceline?
As a lifelong Marceline resident I’ve sought a second term on City Council at the request of fellow citizens who have expressed their desire that I continue to serve. My record over a first term best serves as qualifications for continued service. It is my intention to continue to be a good listener, ask as many questions as are necessary and make the best decision for the greatest good of this community.
2. Please name an issue or challenge you believe the City of Marceline needs to resolve. Why do you think it is so important to resolve this issue? How do you suggest that the City go about meeting this challenge, and how can you personally contribute to the resolution?  
Marceline’s greatest challenge in the long term is generating revenue from a shrinking base that may struggle to maintain existing infrastructure and services. At some point the community as a whole will have to determine whether they are willing to fund civic services, particularly those in non-enterprise funds, at the level they have become accustomed to.
3. What, in your opinion, are Marceline’s greatest resources? What can you do to, if you are elected to the City Council, to retain and build upon those resources?
Marceline’s greatest resource can be its Parks and Recreation. This community with multiple city lakes, parks and a tourism base has the potential to draw visitors as well as citizens by setting ourselves apart from surrounding communities. I have in my previous term assisted in streamlining the Parks and Recreation Board, now the challenge is funding this board in way that can improve our city.
4. Do you believe that as a Councilman or Councilwoman you should be able to retain a copy of the City Budget to refer to at your leisure? Why or why not?
It’s imperative that a councilperson be able to understand and take an active role in the budget process; I’ve demonstrate this ability throughout my first term and take great interest in the monthly YTD budget provided to council.