Why isn’t Opening Day a national holiday?  This is one of the two or three best days of the year and should be celebrated to the fullest extent possible.  Schools should be closed, business and offices should be closed, everyone should be home celebrating the start of a new baseball season and the official beginning of spring at least here at blog headquarters.  Call your Congressman now and demand that the first day of baseball season be declared a national holiday.  If they refuse then fire them! 

We now know the final four teams who will be playing for the national championship in college basketball and the Kansas Jayhawks ain’t one of them.  Michigan took care of them on Friday night before manhandling Florida on Sunday.  Wichita State built up a huge lead before barely hanging on to beat Ohio State.  Syracuse seems to be playing better as the tournament goes on as they beat Marquette in a game that I thought might go the other way.  Louisville continues to look very impressive as they beat Duke in one of the most emotional games I have seen as Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome injuries I have ever seen in basketball.  My heart is certainly with that young man who showed incredible poise and grace while he had to be in a great deal of pain. 

This leads us to the Final Four coming up on Saturday.  Louisville and Wichita State play the first game and I really think that Louisville wins this game easily.  Michigan and Syracuse have the second game of the evening and I am going to go with Michigan in this game.  This should set up a showdown between Louisville and Michigan for the national championship next Monday night. 

The St. Louis Cardinals are in Phoenix to open the 2013 season against the Arizona Diamondbacks later on this evening.  The Cardinals are coming off a season where they performed probably slightly above expectation and at times looked like they were headed downhill before righting the ship to finish strong and then go on to beat the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals before eventually losing to the eventual World Series champions San Francisco Giants in the NLCS.  The Cardinals have just about everyone back from that team with the exception of Rafael Furcal and Chris Carpenter who are out for the season with injuries.  The bullpen looks a little different as do the utility players but for the most part this is the same team that we saw last year.  I fully expect the Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds to battle for the National League Central title and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the outcome is identical to last year.  The Reds made some improvements over the off season which could make them stronger but they also have some players who have battled injuries the last few years and a pitching staff that seems to either be awful or incredible depending on the day.  The Cardinals are the more consistent team but they too go through stretches where they almost appear to be on life support.  It should be another fun year in Cardinals Nation.

The Kansas City Royals on the other hand do not resemble the team that took the field last year at least from a pitching standpoint.  The offense was there last year and is still here this year but they didn’t have the pitching to support it, now they appear to have that and they could very well contend for the AL Central title.  Detroit is still the best team in that division in my mind and Cleveland has made some major upgrades but the Royals are right there with them and it could very well make for a very tight three team race this season. 

Obviously we will cover the baseball season extensively in this blog during the season.  It’s one of the main reasons I started writing this blog in the first place. 

The weather outside is certainly not spring like today but spring sports still continue as most high school and college teams are in action this week with just about every high school team having at least one event at home this week.  It looks to be warming up later in the week which will be welcome by all the athletes I’m sure. 

NASCAR had the weekend off and so did most of the other race leagues so there is nothing to report from the fast track today.  Pretty much everybody gets back into action this weekend. 

We’ll be back on Wednesday with another blog where I’m sure we will have much more to say on the new baseball season plus whatever else we can come up with.  Thanks as always for supporting this and all the other blogs on this site.

Have a terrific Monday!