The word epic has been used to describe Monday night’s national championship college basketball game and I would have to agree with that description.  Regardless of which team you may have been pulling for you should be proud of the effort both teams put forth to make this a game that will be remembered for a long time.  Louisville has an incredible run through the tournament and were clearly the best team in the tournament but Michigan ramped up the intensity Monday night and were able to hang with Louisville from start to finish.  The championship game was a perfect example of how the rest of the tournament went as this may have been the most balanced tournament in many years.  Usually by this point in the year I am ready for college basketball to be over with but I was a little sad to see Monday night’s game come to an end.  It was everything that college basketball was supposed to be. 

Epic could also be used to describe The St. Louis Cardinals home opener on Monday against the Reds but not in a good way.  The Cardinals bullpen suffered an epic meltdown in the ninth inning which turned what had been a very good and even game into a blowout for the Reds.  To show how quickly things change in baseball the same people responsible for Monday afternoon’s debacle came back last night to nail down an easy win for the Cardinals as Lance Lynn had another strong start and the bullpen held the Reds scoreless. 

Speaking of the Cardinals bullpen it is beginning to look like the Cardinals could be without their closer Jason Motte for the rest of the year if his elbow doesn’t respond to treatment by the end of the month.  If that happens then he will undergo ligament replacement surgery and will be lost for the year and possibly the first month or so of next year.  Although it would be nice to have him in the bullpen I really don’t see this as a huge loss if they can find someone who can close games consistently.  Mitchell Boggs has the physical ability but his ability to pitch under extreme pressure is still an issue.  There are other young arms out there as well who can and have closed games in the past. 

The Kansas City Royals continue to play good baseball and are now getting the good pitching they had hoped for so I would think there is a sense of optimism in KC that hasn’t been there for a number of years. 

We have come to what is the most anticipated golf tournament all year as the Masters begins on Thursday.  I have heard several “experts” say that Tiger Woods has to win the Masters.  Why?  What will happen if he doesn’t?  Will the world end?  Will the ex Mrs. Woods take his golf clubs away?  It would be good for the PGA, CBS, and the Augusta National Golf Course if Tiger Woods wins the Masters but he doesn’t have to win the Masters.  Life will go on if he doesn’t.  I’m sure that if he doesn’t win the Masters this year they will still play it next year and he will probably be in it. 

We’ll be back on Friday with a longer blog looking at all this weekend’s sports action.  Thanks as always for supporting this and all the blogs on this Web site.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!