Marceline has lost a Principal, according to the District.

Marceline Principal Resigns

In a short e-mail to the Linn County Leader on Friday morning, Marceline R-5 Superintendent Gabe Edgar reported that Marceline Middle/High School Principal Dr. David Kiene had resigned from his position with the District.

“The number one thing I want people to understand is that Marceline is a wonderful town and are the kindest people I have ever met,” said Dr. Kiene. “When I first came here people welcomed me with open arms, introduced themselves to me on the street, and that always impressed me.”

Kiene continued: “I thought long and hard about this, and this was a hard decision for me to make. The students here are hard-working, great kids who deserve nothing but the best.”

Dr. Kiene will be moving on to live in Salisbury with his wife, and to try his hand at teaching college courses, but has no other immediate plans.