Audio books are the big thing with many readers. For many purest, this is may seem insulting. Nothing compares to the feel of an actual book in hand and taking time to sit down and read. It can be relaxing to put a little time and effort into focusing our minds on a single task. For instance a coworker of mine came in Friday with a migraine. I lent her a book I was reading and that little bit of distraction got rid of her migraine. So it can be beneficial to take the time to sit down and read. But many people do not actually have the luxury of a little time to do this. For many, an audio book helps tremendously to read a novel because it can be done just about anywhere. One could listen to a book while doing housework or some other task. With technology, books cane be downloaded to phones or other handheld devices and can go with a person anywhere. So even in this very tech-savvy world, where people have to have two or more jobs time is incredibly short to do the things we love. But we may be able to find small windows opportunity with the help from modern technology.