Take care of nature and it will take care of you.

"Only when the last tree has died, and the last river been poisoned, and the last fish has died, will we realize we cannot eat money."  Anon.

I do not understand people who do not respect nature, or even worse, who dirty or destroy the Eden we live in.  

Plastic bottles and aluminum cans litter road sides and parks.  Black, stinking smoke billows from smoke stacks.  MInes leach toxins down mountains and into once clear streams.  Rivers and lakes are being polluted with drugs from people's urine and the frogs are being damaged by the hormones.  Many think they are the "canary in the mine.'

The earth is heating and droughts are increasing.  I recently saw a prediction that the entire south west will become a desert in a few years.  At 120 degrees there recenlty, it may happen soon.  Humans are cutting down the rain forests at an alarming rate, and doing so eliminates both plant and animal species, as well as tribes that have lived there for thousands of years.  

I was shocked when a person I know said, "I hate environmentalists."  But that person gladlly takes Conservation Reserve Money from the taxpayers.  Humans have a frightening way of disconnecting, of denying what we do not want to hear.

When the AIDs epidemic broke out, many gay men denied it, many said it was a plot by the governent---and many of those deniers are now dead.  I hope the rest of us are wiser and take responsibility to care for this beautiful place called Earth.

"When you separate yourself from nature, your heart gets hard."  Lany Stillday, Ojibway