"The Earth Laughs in Flowers"

The Garden Tour will be Thursday.  Four local garden will be featured this year:  Jodee and Dan Lagein, Brenda and John Swenseth, Peggy and Ole Hoel, and our yard in Frison Addition, sheltered by oaks nearly 200 years old.

WE built our home 45 years ago, using my grandfathers hammer and hand saw.  We bought a radial arm.  We used a lot of elbow grease and sweat while baby Jim slept in a banana box lined with blankets placed on piles of flooring and little Bill and Christi painted blocks of wood and made houses out of boxes and crates.  Bill always said, "If you can read, you can do anything."  Then he set about to prove it.  He learned he hated to plumb, but was pretty good with the rest.  Alfred Borstad checked and certified Bill's wiring and then become part of our family.  He joined us for many holiday meals and enjoyed watching our kids grow.  

Many plants in our yard are native to these woods.  Many others were shared by friends.  Each spring, we are eager to see them grow again, and each time they remind us of the friends and family who gave them to us.

This strange winter and spring have altered the growth schedule of many plants or crops.  Normally, we would be eating green beans by now, but not this yearl  The iris have completed their blooms so now the lilies should bloom; they are covered in $8 at Altru, Mark's Breenhouse, and LaMotte's or tje Old Sheriff's museum.  Following the tour, county agent Bill Hodous will be talking about trees at the college.