Five recipes for homemade ice cream, sans ice cream machine.

Jonesing for homemade ice cream, but don't have access to an ice cream machine? Fear not. Try one of these simple, no-heavy-machinery-required recipes for at-home ice cream, plus one extra easy, extra healthy frozen yogurt recipe for good measure. It is swimsuit season, after all. Ice Cream in a Bag Remember making butter in Girl Scouts? Everyone passed around the jar of cream and gave it a good shake. After a few rounds, the cream had magically turned to butter. Here is a similar feat that not only yields dessert, but a fun exercise for the kids too! Get the Recipe: Ice Cream in a Bag No-Churn Meringue Ice Cream with Raspberries This no-churn recipe is a standout example of the "blend and freeze method" for conjuring up homemade ice cream without a traditional ice cream maker. Simply mix the ingredients (there's only four!) with an electric mixer and spread into a prepared pan for freezing. The final shape makes for an easy slice-and-serve ice cream dessert. Get the Recipe: Frozen Meringue Cream with Raspberry Compote Mint Chocolate "Cube" Ice Cream This recipe, which happens to be a non-dairy, healthy alternative to traditional ice cream, involves an easy "freeze and blend" method, where the ingredients are combined and then frozen into small containers or ice cube trays. We recommend opting for the ice cube trays for easy blending. Get the Recipe: Vegan Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Frozen Banana Ice Cream Frozen ripe bananas make for a beautifully rich and creamy base for chilly desserts, particularly when mixed with peanut butter. Or chocolate. Or both. In fact, this Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream does just that—only three ingredients, blended into a decadent swirl and ready for scooping. Get the Recipes: Vegan Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Frozen Berry Yogurt Much like the frozen banana "ice cream," this fro-yo recipe calls you to freeze your berries, not your yogurt. Simply toss together a bowl full of frozen berries, your favorite yogurt and a touch of honey for added sweetness, blend and go! This frozen yogurt is unbelievably simple, and low-fat to boot, so you can feel good about serving it up any day of the week. Get the Recipe: Frozen Blackberry Yogurt —By Alissa Harb Brought to you by: Relish - Free Recipes, Cooking Videos & Articles