Small Town Claim To Fame - Starbuck, Minnesota - The World's Largest Lefse

The Small Town – Starbuck, Minnesota      Population 1,032 (2010 Census)

The Claim to Fame – The World's Largest Lefse

In 1983, the residents of the small town of Starbuck, Minnesota celebrated their Scandinavian heritage by making the world’s largest lefse.   The lefse is long gone, of course, but the city commemorated the feat by installing, in the city park,  a small plaque that is imbedded in a circle of concrete about ten feet in diameter.  Nine feet, eight inches to be exact, because that was the size of the 70 lb. monster they made. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, that is one big lefse, but I can’t help but feel that this is a world record that is up for grabs.  I think my hometown of Devils Lake, North Dakota should get a few folks together, one of them being an experienced chef with the proper equipment, and tackle this project. This could be a citywide event, a big, “We’re making the world’s largest lefse” party. 

Of course, care would have to be taken to make sure a few Starbuck toughs don’t show up and sabotage the project. They are obviously a proud people, to have undertaken such a project in the first place, and probably aren’t going take this assault on their civic pride lying down. Not to mention the economic impact of losing what must be hundreds of dollars in revenue from the dozens of tourists that come from far and wide to see their plaque.  No, I say we do this thing, but take all necessary precaution in doing so.  It would probably be best to reroute any vehicles with Minnesota tags that happen to be in the area the day of the party.  Come to think of it, there just might be a few lefse saboteurs that would plan on avoiding the dragnet by sneaking in beforehand to suddenly spring forth at the assigned moment.  If we hear anyone saying things like, “Don’t yah know” or “Uff dah” or “You Betcha” it would probably be best to round them up and have them spend a little time in the local jail until the festivities are over.