On my trip back home a couple of weeks ago I was at my mother-in-law’s house and she had these cute little ceramic type bowls with flowers in them.  The girls thought the flowers were fake but on closer inspection I realized they were real and had been cut from her flower garden.  She got the little “frogs” as they are called at a farmer’s market or craft show I believe she went to.  I thought they were the cutest things so I went in search of one when I got home.  I found the one pictured above at a website called Etsy and bought it for $10.  It’s small, but just the right size to brighten up a table.  It has little prongs down in the bottom and you fill it with water and just put whatever flowers you have in it and they last for a long time.  The prongs on the bottom hold the stems and make it easy to arrange whatever you chose to put in it. 

We always have wild flowers growing on our road and right now there are wild yellow daisies, some type of purple flower and Queen Anne’s lace.  I will have to stop and pick some this weekend to put in my new “frog”!  Not sure why this thing is called a frog though.  It doesn’t look like a frog at all.  It has something to do with the prongs on the inside I think but not sure.  When I was searching for the frog on line I did find some Mason jar lids that had wires crisscrossed on the lids for flower arrangements.  I thought this was a great idea.  The wires make it easy to arrange your flowers.  I might have to invest in a couple of those too!

Looks like it’s going to be a warm weekend.  Football season started with a jamboree in Marceline.  Go Tigers!  I am looking forward to cooler football weather soon.  I hope!