Each school year brings change for the students and teachers at local schools. This year, though, a few new initiatives at Brookfield High School are standing out among their peers.

Each school year brings change for the students and teachers at local schools.  This year, though, a few new initiatives at Brookfield High School are standing out among their peers.
Brookfield High School started the school year with their Student Council taking a more active role in student life.
“This year’s Student Council has proven to be a dynamic group of young leaders,” said Principal Vicki Enyart.  “They welcomed students back on the first day of school with decorated windows, horns and silly string.  They have contests going on in the mornings for students.”
Enyart noted that she had challenged this Council to go for the gusto this school year.  “I challenged them to break the mold,” said Enyart.  “I want them to reach out and do new things.  To do that, we have to give them the power to make it happen.”
The BHS Student Council has already put together a first day of school assembly, where they used skits to tackle some of the standard rules that students need to know for their coming year.  Items such as bullying, dress code, and food/drink policies were covered.
Folks driving by the High School may have also noticed the Jeep parked on the lawn.  This Jeep is the grand prize of an epic giveaway at BHS this school year.
“We are giving a car away at the Memories assembly at the end of the year,” said Ms. Enyart.  “The vehicle has been donated to the school, and every high school student has a chance to win it.”
How can a student win the car?  Simple.  To be eligible, students must have 95 percent or better attendance and be passing all of their classes.  Each quarter, 10 students will be drawn from the eligible pool and will be finalists for the drawing.  Each finalist wins a gift card, donated by Break Time.
At the Memories assembly, the 40 finalists names will be placed in a pool.  From these, a top 10 will be drawn.  These 10 students will each be called forward to receive an envelope.  Inside these envelopes are keys.  Five of these keys will open the doors of the Jeep.  These five students will then receive one of five final envelopes inside the Jeep.  These envelopes contain keys as well, with only one of them starting the ignition.
Enyart thanked Brookfield Auto Sales and Service for their assistance with the vehicle.  The winning student will be responsible for the tax, title, insurance and licensing of their prize.
Another change this school year is the addition of a Parent Volunteer Program.  The District is seeking volunteers who can come to the school and help out.  Volunteers will be working with students in varying capacities, under the supervision of teachers and staff.
To be eligible, there are forms to fill out at the BHS office.  The potential volunteer will need to pass background checks, which they will have to pay for.  The cost of the checks is $44.80 and will be paid to the Highway Patrol.
Volunteers will receive training, and will be expected to sign a confidentiality agreement with the District.  Volunteers will be expected to follow a Code of Ethics.  If you are interested in taking part in this program, contact Ms. Enyart at the BHS Office at 258-7242.
Lastly, the District has placed an emphasis on bullying.  To this extent, there is now a phone number that students can call to report problems they may be having with this issue.  Each student received a card with the information at the start of school, but just in case they may have lost it, students can call or text 660-473-8056 to reach this anti-bullying hotline.