The Kirksville High School Tigers go for their second win of the season tonight as they travel to Chillicothe to play the Hornets.  The Tigers offense looked impressive last week in putting forty points on the board at Southern Boone.  The defense played well the first half before tiring somewhat in the second half.  Although it will not be as hot as it was last week it is still going to be a little too warm to comfortably play football in my opinion.  Your first chance to see the Tigers at Spainhower Field comes next week as they entertain a very tough Moberly team. 

The KHS softball is 3 and 0 as they continue to play impressive softball and are getting incredible pitching thus far. 

The KHS tennis team lost a tough one to Quincy yesterday as Quincy is one of the top teams around and has the added advantage of being able to play year round whereas that isn’t really possible here in Kirksville. 

The KHS boy soccer team and girls volleyball team suffered tough losses yesterday but played very competitively against good competition. 

As noted here in Wednesday’s blog the Truman State Bulldogs begin their 2013 football season at Stokes Stadium tomorrow night against former MIAA foe Southwest Baptist.  The Bulldogs will be much improved on offense as most of the starting unit played together last year.  Southwest Baptist comes in with a new coaching staff and a team that had a very long season last year but just about every game these two schools have had have been good ones and this year’s game may be no exception.  Night games at Truman always have a special atmosphere and I can’t wait for kickoff tomorrow night. 

The Missouri Tigers football team has another easy non conference opponent tomorrow as Toledo comes to town.  I can’t really see how this week’s game would be any different than last week’s game.  Missouri has a very easy non conference schedule which in my opinion does very little to prepare them for their SEC conference schedule which is anything but easy.  They will have loads of confidence going into conference play but that bubble will be burst very quickly. 

After what seems like the longest off season in history a new era of Kansas City Chiefs football begins on Sunday as they travel to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars.  Expectations for the Chiefs are higher this season than they have been in many years as they have a good coach and coaching staff and a good quarterback which are all things that haven’t been seen around Arrowhead Stadium in a very long time.  The Chiefs will certainly be better than they were last year, (it would be virtually impossible to be any worse) but they may still be a year or two from being a playoff team.  Keep in mind that this team fell a very long way and it will take time to rebuild.  For those that think the Chiefs can win the AFC West I would call your attention to last night’s Denver Broncos game.  Unless Peyton Manning’s arm falls off the Chiefs are not likely to be winning the AFC West this year.  I think they will go 9 and 7 and that’s barring any serious injuries. 

The St. Louis Rams begin their season at home on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.  The Rams are in my opinion still learning how to win and I expect them to be better than last year as well but they are still a couple of years away from being a playoff team again. 

NASCAR has its final race before the Chase for the Cup starts next week.  I believe there are several spots still open as drivers jockey for position before the final ten races of the NASCAR season.  Since I can’t for the life of me figure out the points system or why the other 33 drivers keep racing if only ten of them have a chance to win the trophy then I really have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to the Chase for the Cup.  I feel fairly confident that I am not the first person to write a blog on something they have little knowledge of though.  I may be the only blog writer on this site who does that but they are actually qualified to write about their topic.  I just sit in my recliner with the remote in my hand.  The only effort involved is when the remote’s batteries need to be changed.  Speaking of which whose stupid idea was it to invent battery operated devices that took an odd number of batteries.  They don’t sell three packs of batteries, they all come in even numbered packaging.  What’s up with that? 

The St. Louis Cardinals continue to muddle along toward the playoffs as they lost three out of four to the Cincinnati Reds.  It might not hurt to send Lance Lynn to the bullpen for a while.  The Cardinals return home to play the Pittsburgh Pirates for the 345th time tonight.  Did all the other teams quit?  The Cardinals have been playing the Reds and Pirates over and over again forever.  I want to play somebody else. 

The Kansas City Royals are still trying to secure a wild card spot that begins to look more and more elusive with each passing day even though the Royals keep winning pretty regularly.  The Royals keep winning but sliding backwards while the Cardinals keep losing but are almost assured of making the playoffs. 

We’ll be back on Monday with more observations and complaints as we look back at this busy weekend of sports action and look ahead to what’s in store for us next week.  There is no shortage of opportunities to attend a live sporting event this weekend so get off the couch and support your favorite team.  Thanks as always for checking out this and all the other blogs on the site.

Have a terrific weekend!