NCRMA Board Looking for a Loan to Cover Local Match

The primary engineer for the runway extension project advised the North Central Missouri Regional Airport (NCMRA) Board Tuesday evening that the subcontractor responsible for excavation is running about 10 days behind schedule. “Phase One [excavation] was supposed to take 30 days to complete,” Crawford, Murphy and Tilly (CM&T) Senior Engineer Brian Garkie reminded the NCMRA Board. “With what I observed today and what our Resident Observer, Chad Gilbert, is reporting, I don’t think the subcontractor can finish with moving earth in the 10 days they have left.” Garkie went on to explain that having only one compactor is forcing the subcontractor to make piles of dirt that will inevitably have to be moved.
Garkie had some good news as well. To avoid drainage issues, the elevation of an area between the runway and taxiway will need to be raised. Fortunately, by addressing the issue the way Garkie suggests, there will be a “net savings” when all is said and done.
Garkie also advised the Board that the relocation of the runway threshold and application of new markings on the tarmac will require closing the airport for a couple of days. When the airport re-opens, aviators will have 3,200 feet of runway available for takeoffs and landings until the runway extension is complete at 5,000 feet.  
Board Tackles Challenge of Raising Local Match
With no further assistance forthcoming and only $36,000 in cash on hand, the NCMRA Board still needs to come up with $39,000 to cover the $75,000 local match the Board is required to provide to accept the $2.2 million federal AIP (Airport Improvement Program) grant that is funding most of the runway extension project.
With no other recourse available, NCMRA Board Chairman Gary Carlson is exploring the possibility of a bank loan. During Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Board, Carlson began collecting the documentation the bank will need to consider making a loan: three years worth of tax returns, a balance sheet listing assets and liabilities, evidence of collateral, and a breakdown of a typical month’s operating expenses.
Anyone wanting to donate to help the NCMRA Board raise the needed $39,000 can still benefit from a state tax credit program that reimburses the donor $1 for every $2 donated. For details, contact JoAnn Bunten at (660) 376-2311. Applications and the necessary tax form are available from Bunten or at Marceline City Hall, and donors can take advantage of the tax credit incentive until December 31.
Brookfield City Manager Dana Tarpening suggested that the Airport Board might benefit from consulting with the accounting firm of Cupp and Wallace.