No Tax Increase Bonds to be Voted on in April

The Marceline R-5 Board of Education met in regular session Monday night at the District’s Central Office with all Board members present.  The biggest item to come from this meeting was the passing of a resolution to place a bond issue on the April ballot.
Superintendent Gabe Edgar presented a list of facilities improvement priorities to the Board, along with estimates of the costs of these improvements.  This is the latest step in the long process that the Board has undertaken for quite some time now.
Improvement Priorities
The Priorities for the modernization of the Marceline R-5 campus were set in five stages.  Superintendent Edgar pointed out that the District would have three years from the passing of the bonds to complete the projects.
Priority One is the renovation of Walt Disney Elementary.  All classrooms and administrative areas would receive the following:
- Asbestos Abatement
- New HVAC
- New Windows
- Roof Renovation
- New Lighting
- New Doors
The total cost for these renovations is estimated at $1,150,000.
The second priority set is a District-wide technology upgrade. The District will form a Technology Committee to determine the exact items to be purchased.  This committee would include staff and community members.  The cost of the upgrades is estimated at $400,000.
Priority three is the addition of a new High School kitchen and cafeteria.  This addition could see the old Auditorium converted into the lunch room and kitchen, and would also be used as a commons area when lunch is not being served.  Or, the new facility could be a part of other renovations to be discussed below.  The estimated cost of this project is $425,000.
The fourth priority of the bond issue is the addition of a storm shelter at the Marceline Early Learning Center.  The shelter would be added to the existing facility, and would be big enough to fit all students and staff at the ELC.  A FEMA grant has been applied for to help with this project.  The estimated cost of this project is $50,000.
The fifth priority is the modernization of the Middle School HVAC.  This project, according to Superintendent Edgar, has been long overdue.  The hope is to eliminate the mounting repair costs that the aging system is costing the District.  The estimated cost of this renovation is $200,000.
The sixth priority is a new Performing Arts Center/Gymnasium.  If the Auditorium is not renovated into the High School lunchroom/kitchen, the facility would be placed in this new building.    This new building would be placed on the west side of the High School.  The cost of this new building is estimated to be $1,400,000.

- For the full list of improvements, see tonight's (Wednesday) LCL print edition.