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Take a trip down memory lane as bloggers Danny Batson and Gary Thomas recollect their experiences while growing up in the Chillicothe area. We hope our discussion starters, pictures, and articles will evoke your personal recollections of Chillicothe; we invite you to share your stories with all of us. So, let us discuss the days gone by and have fun!
Sometimes It Seems Like Yesterday by Danny Batson
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By Gary Thomas
Hi, I am Danny Batson (Knouse) and I am a lifelong resident of the Chillicothe area. I was born in 1951 and graduated from CHS in 1969. I took over my dad’s septic tank business that he founded in 1937. While I have been in every state ...
Chillicothe: As We Remember

Hi, I am Danny Batson (Knouse) and I am a lifelong resident of the Chillicothe area. I was born in 1951 and graduated from CHS in 1969. I took over my dad’s septic tank business that he founded in 1937. While I have been in every state (except Hawaii and Maine), there is no place like home! I love taking pictures of old and unusual things and sharing them. There is beauty in everything, if we look for it. I have three Facebook pages filled with local pictures that may be of interest: “Where Has Danny Been,” Chillicothe Now,” and “Danny Batson”.

Hi, I am Gary Thomas and I was born just across from Central School in 1942. I graduated from CHS in 1960 and MU in 1964. After two years in Army, I completed a graduate degree at the University of Chicago in 1970. After working in software development for more than 40 years, I retired from Raytheon in 2007. I have an abiding interest in history and in researching past events, places, and people. My latest project is developing a history-based chronology for Livingston County from 1801-2000.

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By Gary Thomas
Nov. 3, 2013 12:07 p.m.

Sometimes my younger days seem just like yesterday, but yet at other times seem to have been a long time ago. Even now, my mind drifts back to the 50's and 60's quite often. For you see, back then I was a young child with no worries.
Growing up in the midwest, we were kind of secluded from the "Rat Race" of the ever-evolving east and west coasts. News didn't travel as fast back then as it does now. It seems that we were always a year or two behind in styles. Our parents even tried to keep our music at a slower pace, but to no avail because Rock and Roll was coming onto the scene!
Television shows were available afterschool like the Mickey Mouse Club for young kids and American Bandstand for teenagers. We were taught that a good job was important in life. The money wasn't as important as the enthusiasm we needed to put into the job. But no matter what, money always seemed to take preference.
Hunting was one of the most popular sports in the the Midwest. People would come from both coasts just to hunt in the Midwest. Most of the people that came from afar seemed to think we were a little backward here in Missouri. But I remember most of them saying something like "I wish I could live back here, in this relaxed life." After traveling around the country, I understand what they were saying. I think it's somewhat the same today.
My grandparents told me stories about their parents and grandparents and to this day I can recount those stories. Moral teachings were passed down from generation to generation. There were stories that told us to be honest, take care of one another, work hard, and most of all serve the Lord. Of course each generation can slip back because "self" takes center stage in their lives. But with the right kind of moral teaching growing up; most of us wander back into the fold sometime in life. That is, if we live long enough.
To be bull-headed and self-centered are among our worst traits. I have been so, but by recognizing my behavior, I can work through it. I sometimes think, "wouldn't it be nice to go back to the years I messed up and do them over?" It's just a thought, I wouldn't really want to.
After learning "the hard way", I don't want any part of the past---except for the good memories! No matter where we grow up, life teaches us things. But I still believe that the majority of people have a basic, moral stance. I may be a little naive, but I think that's all that keeps this world from falling apart!
My younger days feel like a different life altogether, but yet the life I'm living now seems to copy the old in some ways. Some say that "there is nothing new under the sun" or "history repeats itself." Maybe it's because man thinks he evolves while God says he grows worse and worse. I read once where Lucifer thought he was evolving...

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