The final four months of 2013 were again busy for Linn County residents. The Bell Game went national, a cheerleading dynasty continued, the LCL went under new management, the Affordable Care Act got a local helper, Peanut Night was held, and the Tigers went to the Dome.

The final four months of 2013 were again busy for Linn County residents.  The Bell Game went national, a cheerleading dynasty continued, the LCL went under new management, the Affordable Care Act got a local helper, Peanut Night was held, and the Tigers went to the Dome.
September 2013
On September 16 and 18, Dustin Watson profiled the fifth consecutive State Championship for the Marceline Football Cheerleadersl and the first-ever Four-Time State Champion in MHS history, Shelby Smith.  This cheer dynasty doesn’t seem ready to stop anytime soon.
Also on September 16, the results of the Bell Game were published.  “The Golden Boot” of Arturo Huerta led the Dogs to a win over the Tigers.  Huerta would go on to be an All-State kicker on both the coaches and media polls.
The kerfuffle over the potential filling in of the pond in Ripley Park was reported as a part of a City Council story by Chris Houston on September 20.  The issue remains unresolved, as the citizens who are seeking to restore the pond are looking for funds.
On September 25, a number of dogs and cats were taken from a home in Brookfield due to their unsanitary keeping.  Some of the animals were stolen, and the Linn County Humane Society worked to find the animals new homes, or return them to their previous homes.
On September 27, the LCL profiled the beginning of the construction for the new home of the Family Health Center of Marceline.  The FHC recently opened their new facility for business, at the location of the old Marceline Mapping on Highway 5 in Marceline.
October 2013
October began with the first Pink Out to benefit the Saving Every Victim (SEV)  cancer charity.  This turned the annual Pink Out game into a rivalry contest, pitting Brookfield and Marceline’s softball teams against one-another.  The event will carry on each year.
On October 16, Marilyn Thudium was profiled for her career as Mizzou’s Flag Lady.  In an interview with Chris Houston, Thudium told stories of her 64th consecutive year that she had not missed a home game for the Tigers.
The LCL announced that it was under new management in our October 25 edition.  Our former publisher, Rod Dixon, left the company after long service to the Chillicothe and Linn County newspapers.  He was replaced by Andrea Graves, who has served as General Manager of the two papers since then.
October wrapped up with a look at the history of truss bridges.  The last of these bridges was replaced in the County in October, and this piece profiled said bridge, and later on, the LCL showed off the new one.
November 2013
A pair of good pics adorned the front page of the November 1 LCL, as Halloween costumes from the Brookfield Parks and Rec celebration were shown.  Also shown that day was a photo of the Marceline High School Student Council, making a $5,000 donation to the Marceline Coordinated Welfare Council’s food pantry.  These funds came from the Bell Game winning the USA Today competition.
On November 6, the LCL introduced the area to Jane Spencer, a Marketplace Outreach and Enrollment Specialist working at the Family Health Center in Marceline.  She helps locals seek health insurance through the exchange that is a part of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  Spencer is also a blogger for the LCL, concerning health care issues.
The new sidewalks in Bucklin were discussed in the November 13 LCL.  These new sidewalks did not cost local taxpayers any money, as they were done as a part of a grant through MoDoT.
On November 15, the meeting concerning the final push toward the Brookfield DREAM was written about by Dustin Watson.  This planning meeting was one of the first steps of the final phase of the process.
December 2013
On December 2, Santa Claus made an appearance at Peanut Night in Marceline.  This annual event officially kicked off the Christmas season in Linn County.  Also in this edition, the final step of the Marceline Tigers football season was reported on, as the team’s “Magic Pants” carried them through the District Title, through the Sectional Title, through the Quarterfinals, and Semifinals, all the way to the Class 1 State Championship game at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.  The Tigers ended the season in second place.
A large donation from the Marceline Tigers Booster Club was profiled, along with a list of their projects, in the December 11 LCL by Dustin Watson.  The donation covered the costs for the Tiger Football team to attend the Show Me Bowl.
Santa Claus was again profiled as he stopped in Brookfield in the December 16 edition of the LCL.  This stop was supposed to be a part of the annual Holiday Parade, but this was cancelled due to the weather.
So there you have it.  These were just a smattering of the stories that were featured in the Linn County Leader over the course of 2013.  We hope you enjoyed this look back, and come back on January 3 to see a look at six stories we are already looking forward to covering in 2014.