The first four months of 2013 saw a lot of local news and sports taking place all over Linn County. From new faces at the Linn County Courthouse, to Winter Storm Rocky, to a pair of Final Four basketball teams, and the results of the Municipal Elections. It seems that 2013 sure started off with a bang!

The first four months of 2013 saw a lot of local news and sports taking place all over Linn County.  From new faces at the Linn County Courthouse, to Winter Storm Rocky, to a pair of Final Four basketball teams, and the results of the Municipal Elections.  It seems that 2013 sure started off with a bang!
January 2013
On January 7 and January 18, the LCL profiled our new Ninth Circuit Judge, Terry Tschannen, and new Circuit Clerk, Mary Enyeart.  Tschannen had won election in the November 2012 race, running unopposed, while Enyeart was appointed to finish the term of Elaine Clough, who had retired at the end of 2012.
On January 16 and 18, in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, Chris Houston did a two-part story about local reactions to the tragedy, and changes that could occur as a result.  In the first part, Adam Lanza, the killer, was profiled.  
In part two, local reactions were looked at.  Specifically, the fears of pro-Second Amendment residents that their guns would be taken away.  This article featured commentary from Senator Brian Munzlinger, and also talked about Lanza’s autism battle.  In this respect, local autism expert Laurie Head was also interviewed.
On January 16 as well, the first meeting of the committee to revitalize Twin Parks was held in Brookfield.  The meeting was held at the Brookfield IDA Office, and the concept drawings for the Parks were printed on the front page of the LCL.
Some of the ideas for the redesign at the time included:  a Walk of Heroes at the Oval, a new playground and splash fountain, a walking trail to connect the two parks, and a new bandstand or pavilion to replace the gazebo.
On January 25, Dustin Watson profiled Senate Bill 17, which sought to govern Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Missouri.  This Bill established a separate CTE Board under the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  Reactions from the Linn County Area Career and Technical Center, as well as Senator Munzlinger were included.
On January 30, the LCL ended the month profiling professional Three-Gun standout Dianna Liedorff.  Liedorff explained what her sport entailed, talked about growing up in Brookfield, and the value of maintaing one’s firearms.
February 2013
On February 4, Chris Houston reported on a meeting at Pershing Memorial Hospital between Seventh District State Representative Mike Lair (R-Chillicothe) and Phil Hamilton, CEO of Pershing Health Systems.  The pair discussed the effect of not expanding Medicaid for rural hospitals.
On February 6, the LCL profiled Marceline’s new Postmaster, Lisa Hoskins.  At the time of the article, Lisa had worked for the Postal Service for 13 years.  
On February 18, Dustin Watson covered the State Wrestling Championships, where Dalton Fisher won an individual title as a freshman, and the Brookfield Bulldogs took second place as a team.
On February 20, Dustin Watson profiled Ed Pendleton, one of the first African-American football players in Linn County history.  Sadly, this year was also the year that Mr. Pendleton passed away.  The LCL was happy to have had the pleasure of getting to know this legend of local athletics before he was called home.
On February 27, the LCL joined the rest of Linn County in digging out from Winter Storm Rocky.  Rocky hit like a champ, burying the area in a ton of snow and ice.  The Leader even had to close the office for a day as a result of this heavyweight storm.
March 2013
Early in March, the Leader followed both the Marceline Lady Tigers and Meadville Eagles on their journey to the basketball Final Four in Columbia at Mizzou Arena.  These journeys concluded in the March 8 and 11 editions, with both teams finishing fourth.
On March 15, the paperwork was signed by the North Central Missouri Regional Airport Board to officially begin the runway extension project.  The course of this project is yet to be seen fully, as the project is ongoing.
On March 22, the LCL announced via a press release that longtime Brookfield City Clerk Dana Tarpening was promoted to Brookfield City Manager.
Also throughout the month, the races for Brookfield City Council, Marceline City Council, Marceline School Board and Brookfield School Board were profiled.
April 2013
April started off with a bang, as the Municipal Elections were held throughout Linn County.  In these races, Jacob Gordon and Josh Shoemaker were re-elected to the Marceline City Council; Martha Beach, Lonnie Trentham, and Richard Techau were elected to the Brookfield City Council; and school board seats were filled all over the County.
On April 5 and 8, Dustin Watson profiled the information presented at the Active Shooter Training held in Marceline.  The main result discovered was for the community to watch out for one-another, and to offer help to anyone who could be suicidal.
On April 10, the Brookfield High School Concert Band was profiled for achieving their second consecutive “I” Honor Rating at the State Music Competition.
On April 12, Chris Houston profile Captain Bob Donelson who had restarted the Marceline DARE program at both Disney Elementary and Father McCartan Memorial School.
On April 15, the LCL showed concept drawings for the new BNSF Railroad Depot in Brookfield.
On April 19, it was revealed to the LCL that the citizens group that had sued the City of Marceline over their electric rates had dropped their lawsuit.
On April 26, the annual Tiger Caravan in Mendon was covered.  The event featured A.D. Mike Alden, and Head Boys Basketball Coach Frank Haith among others.
The month ended with a party, as Linneus and the Linn County Courthouse celebrated their birthdays.  This event was covered in the April 29 edition of the LCL.